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Megan's Product of the Month
Hoof Stuff

Having recently had a horse with an abscess, Hoof Stuff has been invaluable. When the abscess has finished draining, you are left with a cavity in the foot that needs to be kept clean while it heals, but by that point you are sick of poulticing! Hoof Stuff is made from honey, Zinc Oxide plus natural fibres, which enables it to stick in the cavity, aid healing and acts as a barrier to prevent mud & dirt getting back into the cavity. The abscess cavity grew out very quickly, so it gets a big thumbs up from us!

Last Months:

This really is a useful product to have in your tackroom. Now it’s winter all my pony’s feet get sprayed with Silvetrasol every couple of days to keep thrush and stinky feet at bay, so that they stay in tip top condition. It also doubles as a hoof hardener, so you are doing that at the same time. We also use it to clean & disinfect our rasp, when the pony’s feet are tidied up. I love products that have more than one use, and its ingredients are all natural too, what more could you ask for?


Field Paste

Field Paste
Field Paste
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Our Price: £17.00

 Field Paste is an anti-thrush solution for horses which are mainly field kept. It has a clay
like consistency in order to offer greater 'staying power' as it remains in contact with the affected areas longer than other thrush treatments. This is designed to stay in the collateral grooves, central sulcus and sole for longer periods of time and continue having an effect against microbes. At the same time it helps prevent mud, faeces and other contaminants coming in contact with the hoof. Too thick to be painted on, Field Paste should be applied with a gloved hand.

Made by Red Horse Products.

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